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Behat & Mink Example - Ascii Art Marketplace

An example of how to use Behat & Mink to build an automated acceptance test suite.

We build a fictional website called the Ascii Art Marketplace and accompany it with an acceptance testing suite that is written using Gherkin and executed in real browsers and / or browser emulators.

Ready for hooking up to Continuous Integration (CI) this repo includes a wrapper script that will run the tests using either Selenium2 web driver or phantomJS*. The tests will work perfectly well without the wrapper script but it's useful for taking care of launching & shutting down the different browser drivers.

You will need to follow the installation instructions in the next section to ensure you get the right web drivers for your environment.

For more more background info please see my accompanying blog post Automated Browser Acceptance Testing with Behat & Mink


1 Clone this repo:

git clone

2 Using Composer, install Behat, Mink, MinkExtension and their associated dependencies:

curl | php
php composer.phar install

3 Install phantomJS

3.1 Download the correct version of phantomJS for your OS -

3.2 Extract the downloaded phantomJS into behat-mink-advanced-example/Drivers/phantomJS

NOTE: its important to get the path right or the wrapper script will not be able to find phantomJS.

4 Install Selenium Server

4.1 Download Selenium Server from

4.2 Extract & copy the JAR file into behat-mink-advanced-example/Drivers/selenium

Running the tests

Once everything is installed you can run the tests using either phantomJS for headless testing (CI etc.) or with Selenium to watch the test performed in front of you in Firefox.

The bundled wrapper script takes care of launching either phantomJS or Selenium Server, running the tests and then shutting down phantomJS/Selenium.

1 Start up the Ascii Art Marketplace website

$ cd behat-mink-advanced-example/mockshop
$ php -S

Browse to to have a look at what we are selling :)

2 Open a new window and run the test suite

$ cd behat-mink-advanced-example/

# Run tests using phantomJS
./run ci

# Run tests using selenium
./run desktop

You don't have to use the wrapper script I've included however if you don't then you will have to launch phantomJS/selenium manually before executing any of the tests.

Other Notes

  • I'm using the ClosuredContent for step definitions.
  • The two options in the wrapper script refer directly to two profiles set up for behat
    • ci runs tests with phantomJS and reports results in junit and HTML format.
    • desktop runs tests with Selenium Server and reports results to STD OUT


Example of using Behat, MInk & Mink Extension to build an acceptance (functional) test suite.



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