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Platform overview

The bulk of Pipe Dream lives in pipe-dream/core. In addition, each language implementation has two repositories - one for logic, and one for package distribution


repo summary
pipe-dream/core Interfaces, base classes, vue components and more
pipe-dream/laravel-file-factory Logic specific to Laravel
pipe-dream/laravel-create A Laravel Package distributed with composer/packagist
... ...
pipe-dream/<language>-file-factory Logic specific to <language>
pipe-dream/<language>-create Package (npm/gem/pip ...)


Pipe Dream development guide

Using Laravel as example.

1. Install the core

git clone
cd core

Still in the corefolder, prepare a link (so the other repos can access your local version of core)

yarn link

2. Install laravel-file-factory

git clone
cd laravel-file-factory
yarn link @pipe-dream/core

Create a link for this repo as well

yarn link

3. Setup a host app and the Laravel package:

Create a fresh laravel project to act as host app:

laravel new pd-host
cd pd-host

Add our Laravel package in a dedicated folder:

mkdir -p packages/PipeDream
cd packages/PipeDream
git clone LaravelCreate
cd LaravelCreate
composer install
yarn link @pipe-dream/core
yarn link @pipe-dream/laravel-file-factory

Add namespace to pd-host/composer.json:

"autoload": {
    "psr-4": {
        "App\\": "app/",
        "PipeDream\\LaravelCreate\\": "packages/PipeDream/LaravelCreate/src"

And in the providers array of pd-host/config/app.php add:

* Package Service Providers...

Finally, you probably want to open up the three repos in three separate editors as well as terminal tabs to build it

repo build
core yarn build --watch
laravel-file-factory yarn watch
laravel-create yarn watch

Changes to core, laravel-file-factory and to the laravel-create package itself should now instantly reflect when visiting pd-host.test/pipe-dream

Happy coding!

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