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Feature Request: Search #5

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Nice work on this IMAP library, best one I've seen so far for Node. Any chance that search will be implemented soon? Would be a very useful addition imho :-)


Hi, I'm developing inbox as a depenedency for another closed project and thus I add features to inbox as I need them. Search is not a high priority currently so I suggest you to check out which is also a good module.


Ok, thanks. We tried that library, but yours is higher-level and clearer. We will see what to do. Thanks anyway!


@philipdesmedt I've added very basic search capabilites to inbox in tadeuszwojcik@d9bb0d9, not ready for pull request yet as it's very rough, but works, example:'UID SEARCH X-GM-RAW "has:attachment"', function(err, uids){


@tadeuszwojcik has there been any progress on the search feature up to now?


Yes, it's working , example above will work with my fork


@tadeuszwojcik Any plans to submit a PR? I would love to see this feature in inbox.


@jgillich I'll look into it hopefully in this week, as currently code is not ready for pull request.


SEARCH is available since v1.1.45, see the docs here

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