Intermittent hangs when start playing a channels. #103

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AndreyPavlenko commented Mar 7, 2013

Hi Alexander,

Sometimes, when switching to a channel, playback hangs for a few seconds. Sometimes these hangs even cause XBMC crash. When it hangs xvdr prints tons of mesages to syslog. You can find the log and recorded stream here

As you can see, the recording is valid. I can play it with XBMC or VLC, however, when playing it from the PVR recordings menu it plays a different, very short video, a few seconds are missing there. Is there something wrong with index?


AndreyPavlenko commented Mar 13, 2013

Just checked with VNSI - the same issue. May be it's my system's related issue...
Do you have any ideas what can be the cause? How can I debug it?


pipelka commented Mar 13, 2013

I think it's a VDR related issue. You could try to recreate the index by running:

# vdr genindex=/video/recname/date.rec/

AndreyPavlenko commented Mar 13, 2013

vdr --genindex generates index file identical to the initial.


AndreyPavlenko commented Mar 18, 2013

Seems this is really VDR but not XVDR issue. I can reproduce it even with streamdev. When playback hangs I'm getting the 'vdr: [5071] ERROR: 1 ring buffer overflow (188 bytes dropped)' message in syslog.


AndreyPavlenko commented Apr 26, 2013

It seems oscam related...
Closing this issue.

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