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i have 2 vdr backend on my LAN.
first VDR for local TV using DVB-T and another VDR host for Sat channels DVB-S
i ask if possible to add another vdr in same xbmc frontend ?


Hey, I allready thought about this, too. I want to build a headless vdr-server in the beginning of the next year. It would be nice to use this backend automatically, if all local tuners are in use.

Another scenario could be that there is something wrong/defekt in the backend, so that my girl-friend easily can change to the local tuners. Maybe this happens also automatically, if the tuners from the primary backend (headless vdr-server) aren't available.

The backend will get very complex by using xen and pci-passthrough, to complex for my girlfriend to get involved. ;-)

Greetings Micha

Hm..., can't edit my answer with the iphone-app.

I am not sure, but I think this is to solve in xbmc. Or are these scenarios related to xvdr only?


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