Feature request: Make xvdr a fake OSD provider #34

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EkASs commented Dec 23, 2011


I use only xvdr now and vdr complains about missing osd provider since I removed the xineliboutput plugin.

It is possible to make xvdr a fake osd provider so vdr stop complaining ?

Here, someone made it for the dummydevice :


pipelka commented Dec 23, 2011

To be honest i have no idea what you are talking about.
But wait,... maybe you are using VDR 1.6 ?
Afaik, there is a dummy device plugin for 1.6

EkASs commented Dec 23, 2011

vdr requires an osd provider for the native osd but xvdr doesn't use this osd. When vdr start, it complains about it :
Dec 23 12:36:22 myhost vdr: [6428] ERROR: no OSD provider available - using dummy OSD!

In the link, someone succeeded to make a fake osd provider in the dummydevice plugin. It should be possible to do the same thing within xvdr so vdr think it has an osd provider when xvdr is in use and stop complaining.


Isn't that a cosmetic problem? I use vdr 1.7.18 and it complains in the same way, but without any functional problem...

EkASs commented Dec 23, 2011

Yes, this issue doesn't cause any functional problem.

It's just to prevent the error message and make xvdr works like a complete device.

@pipelka pipelka closed this May 7, 2013
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