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I run vdr 1.7.22 on a separate machine which saves the recordings to a nfs share (actually, it is a virtual machine on the same system as xbmc runs on). I use Pipelka's xbmc branch, xvdr pvr addon and vdr plugin in the latest git revision.

when I try to replay a recording, xbmc hangs until timeout and the vdr machine's log gets flooded with error messages like:

Feb 3 23:10:42 vdr vdr: [11000] XVDR: file failed to open
Feb 3 23:10:42 vdr vdr: [11000] XVDR: openFile called for index 0 string:/mnt/media_deimos/recordings/Amadeus/2011-12-
Feb 3 23:10:42 vdr rsyslogd-2177: imuxsock begins to drop messages from pid 10810 due to rate-limiting
Feb 3 23:10:55 vdr rsyslogd-2177: imuxsock lost 2557 messages from pid 10810 due to rate-limiting

I looked into the code and replaced the line in recordings/recplayer.c:
m_file = open(m_fileName, O_RDONLY | O_NOATIME);
m_file = open(m_fileName, O_RDONLY);

I don't quite understand what I did but it helped. Now it works.
It did work when vdr and xbmc were on the same system, though.

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Are the nfs shares going into sleep mode? If so, you could try to increase the timeout value in the addon.

On the other hand I use quite the same setting (although the XBMC is physically on a different machine) and I use SAMBA successfully to do so.

O_NOATIME will prevent that the access to the file is loged. Which could lead to the assumption that the share is not mounted with write access or some other access problems occured...


You are right.
The problem was that idmapd did not start on the virtual machine (ubuntu precise), since /var/lib/nfs/rpc_pipefs has moved to /run/rpc_pipefs with the update from natty to oneiric, I think. The old path was still wrongly set in /etc/idmapd.conf. This resulted in invalid ownership settings in the mounted nfs directory.

Now, O_NOATIME works and the recordings are accessible.

Mysterious to me though, that vdr did have write access to that directory. Recording worked propoerly...


I'm getting the same error (file failed to open) if my /var/lib/video.00 is symbolic link to a directory, located on different (NTFS) partition on the same hard drive:
/var/lib/video.00 -> /mnt/hd/share/Video/Recordings


Moreover, the same error if I change the VDR video dir to -v /mnt/hd/share/Video/Recordings:

Mar 7 23:44:06 htpc vdr: [13133] XVDR: openFile called for index 0 Mar 7 23:44:06 htpc vdr: [13133] XVDR: openFile called for index 0 string:/mnt/hd/share/Video/Recordings/CNN_International/2013-03-
Mar 7 23:44:06 htpc vdr: [13133] XVDR: file failed to open


Does removing the O_NOATIME flag fix the problem for you ?


Yes, it does.


Seems NTFS doesn't like the NOATIME mount flag.
I'll add a fallback.

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