Use "Active" and not "SetUserInactiveTimeout()" #54

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I do not know is this an feature request or an bug? I leave it to you to decide.

An xbmc connection triggers user activity (this means there are an real user in front of the vdr) now. Thats bad because if the client disconnect the vdr server keep running more than a hour without an reason.
Using "cString cPluginXVDRServer::Active(void)" (this are IMHO the right case because xvdr are an background activity (the user may miles away from the server) and not an user activity) would prevent the vdr from shutting down also. But in this case the vdr shut down right after xbmc disconnect.

So IMHO it would be a good idea to change this.


pipelka commented Apr 10, 2012

Please provide a PR for review.


Alex, Is this the reason why the inactivity timer does kick-in during xvdr playback? It's quite annoying to disable all vdr messages just to get rid of those "vdr will shutdown in xxx minutes" messages. The lifeguard addon does prevent the shutdown, but that's not enough. I had a quick peak at the sever logs: they make me believe the xvdr-server part is well aware of xvdr client activitiy, but contrary to other client-server frontends like xine-ui or vdr-sxfe , xvdr does not reset the inactivity timer during user inputs.

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