Gentoo - can't compile - class error #65

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When I test compile latest sources on Gentoo system, I get error with class:

src/live/livereceiver.c: In constructor ‘cLiveReceiver::cLiveReceiver(cLiveStreamer*, const cChannel*, int)’:
src/live/livereceiver.c:32:23: error: no matching function for call to ‘cReceiver::cReceiver(const cChannel*&, int&)’
/usr/include/vdr/receiver.h:41:3: note: candidates are: cReceiver::cReceiver(tChannelID, int, int, const int*, const int*, const int*)
/usr/include/vdr/receiver.h:17:17: note:                 cReceiver::cReceiver(const cReceiver&)
make: *** [src/live/livereceiver.o] Error 1
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
src/live/channelcache.c: In member function ‘void cChannelCache::CreateDemuxers(cLiveStreamer*)’:
src/live/channelcache.c:27:25: error: ‘class cLiveReceiver’ has no member named ‘SetPids’
src/live/channelcache.c:36:29: error: ‘class cLiveReceiver’ has no member named ‘AddPid’
make: *** [src/live/channelcache.o] Error 1

SetPids and AddPid is something from the newer vdr, the current 1.6.* branch Gentoo is working with is apparently not supported (yet). Since gentoo only packages the stable 1.6 branch, this is all we have. I think it's pretty safe to just remove these calls from the module and compile without. But the author will have to confirm.


Gentoo portage stable vdr at this moment 1.6.0_p2-r7 & 1.6.0_p2-r10, with this versions I have the same problem.
The solution for me was to install media-video/vdr-1.7.29 from vdr-devel subversion reposotory.

layman -a vdr-devel
unmask and compile, that fix compile error

P.S. - sorry for my english


I think this one can be closed, too. All plugin build errors for recent VDR releases on Gentoo are fixed by now.

@pipelka pipelka closed this May 7, 2013
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