Fast-forward (and rewind) in timeshift mode #74

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I just successfully built xbmc, vdr-plugin-xvdr and xbmc-addon-xvdr from your git masters together with vdr 1.7.28 on ubuntu 12.10. The new livestream timeshift mode works fine for me. Thanks for that!

I wonder if it is possible to fast forward the timeshift buffer? If i got the code right it is not possible at the moment. Making at least fast forward possible for timeshift would be a nice feature since we could skip the ads in live-tv.

Rewind would be nice too, e.g. if one forwarded too much. But maybe not such important.

I would like to migrate our old htpc system from MediaPortal to xbmc + vdr but the most important feature (for my wife) is timeshift, we really want/need it.

Would it be possible to extend the livestream this way? Do you have plans for this?

This could now be possible with the jump to pvr api 1.7.0 there where apparently some crucial fixes to make moving in the timeshift buffer work properly, there is a first version of vnsi4 here:


pipelka commented Mar 11, 2013

It was already possible before (with pvr api 1.6.0).

There aren't any plans (from my side) to implement this for xvdr because I just don't need it (I don't watch channels with commercial breaks during movies).

I need the "Pause" function. That way I'll never miss a goal again (when dashing to the fridge, or whatever).

But who knows, ...


AndreyPavlenko commented Mar 12, 2013

But what if you've missed the goal nevertheless? With timeshift you can rewind the stream to watch it again.

Is it very difficult to implement this feature?


pipelka commented Mar 12, 2013

@AndreyPavlenko It's not the difficulty. It's simpy the lack of time, ...

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