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Feature Request: timeshift (maybe with livebuffer) #8

hoppel118 opened this Issue Sep 17, 2011 · 19 comments

Hallo Alex,

we discussed about it in the vdr- and in the xbmc-forum. Margro wrote that timeshift depends on the backend, so that it should be possible to use timeshift with his windows-xbmc code in conjunction to mediaportal.

Ok, I think both solutions (frontend- and backend-timeshift) have their advantages.

There are some skins like neon, which show us the needed buttons (pause, ff, rw etc.) within livetv-mode. So there is no need to change the confluence code to get this buttons while developing this code in xvdr.

Livebuffer is solved with a patch "at the moment". Don't know if Klaus wants to integrate this code, but I hope so!

Until now I didn't test timeshift or livebuffering, because I don't have a vdr-frontend installed. Tomorrow I will give it a try.

My feeling is that you could make a lot of people (including me) very very happy with timeshift, maybe in the first step without livebuffering.

What do you think about this? :-)

Viele Grüße Micha

pipelka commented Sep 19, 2011


Timeshift shouldn't be too hard to implement on the server.
We just need some diskspace to buffer all the packets.

I assume when timeshift gets activated ("Pause" pressed on the client) XBMC won't request any packets from the live stream. In this case the server should buffer all the packets and start to replay them after timeshift is deactivated ("Play" pressed).

I'll check out the neo skin if it's usable.



Cool, I like the way you're troubleshooting and developing, sounds so easy!

In hope that the neon skin works as you need it, I am ready to test a new version of xvdr. ;-) Maybe I can make a bridge to stoli from the xbmc-forum, if something isn't working as expected. We had some contact in the past, he is the developer of neon.

That would make xbmc in combination with vdr nearly perfect!

Hopefully Regards

I would be happy to get informations from you.

pipelka commented Sep 19, 2011

Hold your horses ;-)
This was just a rough draft. I have to evaluate if this will really work the way i want it to be.
And it won't be done in a couple of days. I'll keep that on my "nice to have" feature list.

A starting point will be to implement the needed features in the server.



Ok, ok... ;-)

In the vdr-portal they told me that timeshift is still implemented in the vdr code (from the moment you press "pause" vdr buffers and you can "ff, rw, play"). But livebuffer isn't implemented in the code, you need the livebuffer-patch to buffer the complete "session". Only for your information.. I didn't have the time to test this.


EkASs commented Dec 23, 2011


Someone posted a patch in vdr mailing list to add livebuffer (vdr-1.7.21) :

It works with xineliboutput and could be a good starting point to add this feature to xvdr.


EkASs commented Jan 1, 2012

1.7.22 version :

EkASs commented Jan 7, 2012

Edit: The conflict came from my ebuild (gentoo), the previous version works fine.

A new version witch doesn't conflict with the xvdr plugin. The previous version redefines cTimer::cTimer and breaks a lot of plugins :


What's next?


Hi guys,

Just patched vdr 1.7.22 with LiveBuffer.
How do I enable this using the Transparancy skin on XBMC.



I'm interested in this as well - I've got the livebuffer patched in vdr and have enabled it with the --buffer switch. I've looked around in confluence in PlayerControls.xml to enable pause/ff/rw but it doesn't seem to do anything. Any ideas on how to enable timeshifting with the vdr livebuffer?



What about the timeshift.
Is anyone working on it?

It's the only thing missing to xvdr to be perfect

seb131 commented Jul 17, 2012

has the new vdr livebuffer been impelemented in xvdr ? It would be perfect :)
Thanks a lot.


Hello All,

Quote: hoppel118 - "There are some skins like neon, which show us the needed buttons (pause, ff, rw etc.) within livetv-mode. So there is no need to change the confluence code to get this buttons while developing this code in xvdr."

The only Confluence skin (default skin of XBMC) I have seen with the relevant PVR "Pause", "Fast Forward" and "Fast Rewind" buttons in the past ~3 months is in Tonny Petersen's ( fork of Lars Op den Kamp's ( XBMC-PVR.

Tonny and team is working on XBMC-PVR to MythTV backend and has implemented the first stages of timeshifting in terms of buttons and initial functionality - pause is working, ff and rwd is a little temperamental at present.

It could be that until opdenkamp enables the required buttons in the PVR skin can we expect timeshifting in both TvHeadend ( and XVDR alike?

Overall, still very impressed with the XVDR plugins, keep up the much appreciated work.

Many thanks,


Hello All,

To re-iterate the discussion at pipelka/xbmc-addon-xvdr#70:

PVR timeshift buttons have been added into the Confluence skin at xbmc/xbmc master, see: xbmc/xbmc#1504

As for the timeshift video data, it would be great to be able to choose the directory it saves to. This way a cheap HDD can be used to bear the brunt of constant I/O read/write streams. Better still, for those high-end PC's a RAM disk can be created in /etc/fstab (ramdisk /mnt/ramdsk tmpfs mode=1777,size=10g) and mounted for the sole use as temporary timeshift video data.

Many thanks,

pipelka commented Oct 15, 2012

Yes. All these things will be possible ;-)

For all the curious out there:
Take a look at the "msgpacket" branch of the addon and server plugin:

It's an early preview of timeshift. Very basic but working.
All of that will be merged into "master" when it's stable.

@pipelka pipelka closed this in da33ff5 Oct 25, 2012

Alexander, are you planning to implement a full featured timeshifting with forward and rewind?

pipelka commented Jan 10, 2013

I'm currently thinking about it but there isn't any implementation currently.

It should be possible with the current timeshift-buffer approach but some extensions are needed:

  • DTS/PTS index of the timeshift buffer (to jump to any position in time)
  • StreamChange cache (streams may change and have to be reconstructed for any point in time)

But it's not a high priority item in my todo list.

Zazza76 commented Jan 28, 2013

@pipelka : Correct me if I'm wrong... Currently XVDR support only PAUSE and RESUME for live tv timeshift but no forward and rewind, right? Thanks...

pipelka commented Jan 28, 2013


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