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echo "Generating build information ..."
cd `dirname $0`
mkdir -p autotools
echo "Running libtoolize ..."
libtoolize --copy --force --automake || exit 1
echo "Running aclocal $aclocalinclude ..."
aclocal $aclocalinclude || {
echo "**Error**: aclocal failed. This may mean that you have not"
echo "installed all of the packages you need, or you may need to"
echo "set ACLOCAL_FLAGS to include \"-I \$prefix/share/aclocal\""
echo "for the prefix where you installed the packages whose"
echo "macros were not found"
exit 1
echo "Running automake ..."
automake -c -a --foreign || ( echo "***ERROR*** automake failed." ; exit 1 )
echo "Running autoconf ..."
autoconf || ( echo "***ERROR*** autoconf failed." ; exit 1 )
echo "Please run ./configure now."
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