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To start development for Populus you should begin by cloning the repo.

$ git clone

Cute Animal Pictures

All pull requests need to have a cute animal picture. This is a very important part of the development process.

Pull Requests

In general, pull requests are welcome. Please try to adhere to the following.

  • code should conform to PEP8 and as well as the linting done by flake8
  • include tests.
  • include any relevant documentation updates.

It's a good idea to make pull requests early on. A pull request represents the start of a discussion, and doesn't necessarily need to be the final, finished submission.

GitHub's documentation for working on pull requests is [available here][pull-requests].

Always run the tests before submitting pull requests, and ideally run tox in order to check that your modifications don't break anything.

Once you've made a pull request take a look at the travis build status in the GitHub interface and make sure the tests are runnning as you'd expect.