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Dockerfile to build a container image for the Nutanix Command-Line Interface (nCLI)
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Dockerfile to build a container image for the Nutanix Command-Line Interface (nCLI)


  • Internet
  • Docker CE or EE
  • (download it via Prism)

Cloning the repo

Clone this repo and move into the directory

$ git clone
$ cd docker-nutanix-cli

Downloading the Nutanix CLI

Download the file from Prism and save it into the repo folder.

$ ls docker-nutanix-cli

Building the Docker image

To build the image run the following command within the repo directory. I have used the tag latest, feel free to use your own tagging.

$ docker build . -t ncli:latest

Testing the image

To test this image you need access to a CVM.

Also, this image uses variables to pass the required values:

  • NTNX_IP (CVM or cluster IP)
  • NTNX_USERNAME (UI username)
  • NTNX_PASSWORD (UI password)
$ docker run -it --rm -e NTNX_IP= -e NTNX_USERNAME=admin -e NTNX_PASSWORD=admin ncli:latest

Welcome, admin
You're now connected to 00000afa-0b00-0a0e-000c-0000000000a0 ( at

The arguments used are:

  • -it (Interactive + Allocate a pseudo-TTY)
  • --rm (Automatically remove the container when it exits)
  • -e (Set environment variables)


Create a dedicated folder where you can save the credentials for each of your Nutanix clusters on its own file. This example shows a single cluster (cluster1), but you can repeat the same steps for multiple clusters. Also, remember to set the permissions of your credential files to 600 so only you have read/write access.

$ mkdir credentials
$ cd credentials
$ cat <<EOF> cluster1
$ chmod 600 cluster1

Now you can run a new container and pass the variables as a file.

$ docker run -it --rm --env-file cluster1 ncli:latest

Disclaimer: Containerised nCLI is not officially supported by Nutanix. Please use at your own risk.

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