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A modular bot for Jabber MUCs.
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Pipobot is a modular bot for jabber MUCs.



Pipobot is written in python and compatible with versions of python2>=2.5.

It is based on these Python modules:

- `python-sleekxmpp`: engine of connection to XMPP servers
- `python-yaml`: configuration files are yaml files
- `python-sqlalchemy`: Pipobot is storing data to database through sqlalchemy library.

Invoking the bot from repository

You need to create a configuration file for the bot. An example of such file is provided in the pipobot.conf.yml. To start the bot, you just have to use the command :

python -m pipobot /path/to/the/config_file.yml

Default configuration file used is /etc/pipobot.conf.yml

Deploying the bot

You can use script to install pipobot on your system. python install

Then start it with the command pipobot. You can also set it to start in background by using the -b option.

Alternatively, package creation files are provided for archlinux and debian. You can find these files in the distrib/ directory.

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