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2018-04-23 14:34, Monday

It is as if you were making love

  • a spiritual sequel to It is as if you were doing work
  • What if we lived in a future where physical intimacy has been so diminished by technological intermediaries that we need a software interface to simulate it?
  • What if we don't plug our genitals into technologies (or technologies into our genitals) in order to receive pleasure / what if what we really want is to feel that we are giving pleasure?
  • What makes a user-interface feel good sexually? Interaction. Sliding.
  • How far is too far with the metaphors? How much anthropomorphisation is too much?
  • What would a user-interface do to show it is receiving pleasure? Output. We scan the APIs available for output. More output is more pleasure?
  • If the user-interface doesn't really feel pleasure (it doesn't really) but only pretends to for the pleasure of the user, how do we navigate that in our creation of the tool? How "knowing" does the game itself need to be about the deception? Not very, it should be completely from this speculative future.
  • Mobile friendly is a must. Fingers stroking screens. Erotic pink noise coming in the headphones. Orgasmic dialog boxes flooding the window. A vibration. A sinusoidal scream of pleasure. Yes. Yes. It was optimal. Thank you.

2018-05-03 15:02, Thursday

  • It's a sequel -- sequel to It is as if you were doing work, same universe, same basic purpose: to replace a missing quality of daily existence, this is why they should have resemblant UIs
  • Giving pleasure > getting pleasure -- it's more erotically interesting to be giving pleasure, it's also something that's 'possible' to simulate in a way that getting isn't really, giving pleasure is active, it lends itself to interactivity
  • How does a computer receive pleasure? -- part of the fun here is that we're imagining how a computer would receive pleasure (via a slider), but also we're operating at a meta level of this: we're trying to represent a human-oriented version of how a computer would receive pleasure (not to imagine how a computer would 'really' receive pleasure), but with enough reference to the 'reality' of the computer to make it stick. Complicated.
  • How does a computer exhibit pleasure? -- as above, what would it mean for a computer to show it was aroused, near to orgasm, etc.? Again this needs to be a semi-winking version of this - not how one would really exhibit pleasure (if that makes sense), but how we can exhibit in a way that makes sense to a human experiencing a computer experiencing pleasure
  • Audio is important -- the visuals are necessarily restricted to rather non-erotic forms (the slider, textual instructions, perhaps some animation, dialog boxes?, progress bar?), and audio is an erotic form that can help spice things up. Noise breathing. High pitched sine wave squeals.
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