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v r 3 Press Kit

Download v r 3

The basics


Water! Water! Everywhere! All kinds! Best Water! Decent Water! Realistic Water! Manga Water! Mobile Water! Magic Water! But not a drop to drink!


v r 3 came about thanks to a student project during a class at Concordia University. A student had used Unity's free "professional water" shader to display water in their game and during a conversation we both admired the impressive reflections and generally "high tech" feeling of the water. When I found out the water was literally referred to in the engine as "pro water" I found this too funny not to base a game around.

As part of the Speculative Play project I'm a part of I became interested in the idea of a game which is entirely about tech fetishism. Water is perhaps the archetypal technology we use to assess how "good" a game engine or game is in terms of realism, a kind of benchmark. I liked the idea of a speculative future in which, rather than playing a game with water in it, people would choose to simply contemplate the water itself as an activity. Thus v r 3 represents a museum/gallery experience where the audience pays attention to water.

There's a huge amount to say about this, but the story is really told in the blog posts I've written about the game, linked below.


v r 3 was made in Unity.

v r 3 is an open source game licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. You are looking at the code (and process and press) repository right now. Note that all third-party water purchased and/or downloaded from the Unity Asset Store used in the game has been removed from the repository.


  • Water!
  • Water!
  • More water!
  • Another water!
  • Care for some water?!


v r 3 Trailer

v r 3 Trailer


Title Full Room Through Windows Best Water Decent Water Unity Building


Additional Links


  • Pippin Barr: everything.