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Starter Theme for Easy Digital Downloads
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Easy Digital Downloads Starter Theme

This basic starter theme is designed to be the starting point for creating your own Easy Digital Downloads specific themes in WordPress.

All of the basic template files are included, as well as the special template files for showing download/product information from EDD.

View a demo of this theme.

Build your own awesome digital store themes

Easy Digital Downloads makes it exceptionally easy to setup a digital store, and this theme is designed to make it really easy to create your own themes, built just for EDD.

Child theme ready

The EDD Starter theme is ready for child themes, and I highly recommend you set yours up as a child theme.

To setup a child theme, follow these steps:

  • place the edd-starter theme folder in your wp-content/themes/ directory
  • create a new folder named anything, such as "your-edd-theme", and place it also in wp-content/themes/
  • create a file in your new theme folder called style.css and place the following contents inside of it:
Theme Name:     Your Theme Name
Description:    Description of your theme
Author:         Your name
Author URI:
Template:       edd-starter

@import url("../edd-starter/style.css"); 

Your theme will now be available in the Appearance > Themes page and you can modify the CSS to your liking.

For more information about child themes, visit the Codex page.

Configure EDD Constants and Extra Settings

The includes/edd-config.php file demonstrates a variety of filters and constants you can use to modify EDD from the theme. This includes changing the post type labels and slug, disabling the downloads archive, disabling the default styles, removing the default purchase buttons, and more.

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