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Reusable Custom WordPress Meta Boxes

Version: 0.2

Contributors: tammyhart

Original Tutorial Series: (


This project was originally a tutorial for WPTuts+, but as I continued to use the code in my own projects, I kept improving it and making the resusable part even better. Rather than update the tutorial, I decided to make it an open source project here where developers can keep up with improvements as well as contribute their own.

This project creates a class which makes it easy to create a custom meta box for any post type using a master switch case for the meta box and fields HTML and an array containing the data for the fields you want to use.

Fields Included

  • Text Input
  • Textarea
  • Single checkbox
  • Select box
  • Radio group
  • Checkbox group
  • Taxonomy Select box
  • Post ID select box
  • jQuery UI Date input
  • jQuery UI Slider
  • Image ID field
  • Repeatable & Sortable Text inputs


These files are written from the perspecitve of being used in a theme.

  1. Add the metaboxes directory in your theme or plugin.
  2. Include metaboxes/meta_box.php in your functions.php.
  3. Use the class to create add meta boxes to any post type (see Examples section below or inc/sample.php)


Create an array that contains the field data (full examples of each filed type found in inc/sample.php)

$prefix = 'sample_';

$fields = array(
	array( // Text Input
		'label'	=> 'Text Input', // <label>
		'desc'	=> 'A description for the field.', // description
		'id'	=> $prefix.'text', // field id and name
		'type'	=> 'text' // type of field
	array( // Textarea
		'label'	=> 'Textarea', // <label>
		'desc'	=> 'A description for the field.', // description
		'id'	=> $prefix.'textarea', // field id and name
		'type'	=> 'textarea' // type of field

Instantiate the class with all required variables

 * Instantiate the class with all variables to create a meta box
 * var $id string meta box id
 * var $title string title
 * var $fields array fields
 * var $page string|array post type to add meta box to
 * var $js bool including javascript or not
$sample_box = new custom_add_meta_box( 'sample_box', 'Sample Box', $fields, 'post', true );


0.2 (September 11, 2012)

  • Functions combined into a class
  • Major code cleanup and some docing added

0.1 (March 31, 2012)

  • First release