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Provides Home Assistant sensors for multiple Dutch waste collectors
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Home Assisant sensor component for Afvalbeheer

Provides Home Assistant sensors for multiple Dutch waste collectors using REST API. This sensor works with the following waste collectors: Blink, Cure, Cyclus, DAR, HVC Groep, Meerlanden, RMN (Reinigingsbedrijf Midden Nederland), Peel en Maas, Purmerend, Circulus-Berkel (Afvalvrij), Avalex, Venray, Den Haag, Berkelland, Alphen aan den Rijn, Waalre, ZRD, Spaarnelanden, Montfoort, GAD, Cranendonck and Rova.

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Copy the files in the /custom_components/afvalbeheer/ folder to: [homeassistant]/config/custom_components/afvalbeheer/

Example config:

    - platform: afvalbeheer
      wastecollector: Blink            (required)
      resources:                       (at least 1 required)
        - restafval
        - gft
        - papier
        - pmd
      postcode: 1111AA                 (required)
      streetnumber: 1                  (required)
      upcomingsensor: 0                (optional)
      dateformat: '%d-%m-%Y'           (optional)
      dateonly: 0                      (optional)
      name: ''                         (optional)
      nameprefix: 1                    (optional)
      builtinicons: 0                  (optional)
      disableicons: 0                  (optional)
      dutch: 0                         (optional)



Choose your collector from this list:

  • AlphenAanDenRijn
  • Avalex
  • Berkelland
  • Blink
  • Circulus-Berkel
  • Cranendonck
  • Cure
  • Cyclus
  • DAR
  • DenHaag
  • GAD
  • HVC
  • Meerlanden
  • Montfoort
  • PeelEnMaas
  • Purmerend
  • RMN
  • Spaarnelanden
  • Venray
  • Waalre
  • ZRD
  • Rova



This is a list of fractions you want a sensor for. At least one option is required. Not all fractions work with all collectors. Main resources options:

  • restafval
  • gft
  • papier
  • pmd

Some collectors also use some of these options:

  • gftgratis
  • textiel
  • glas
  • grofvuil
  • asbest
  • apparaten
  • chemisch
  • sloopafval
  • takken
  • kca
  • pbd
  • duobak


Postcode is required and is your own postcode

Street number

Street number is required and is your own street number

Upcoming sensor

upcomingsensor: 1

If you activate this option you'll get 2 extra sensors (today and tomorrow) which are handy for automations. The today sensor will display the fractions collected today. The tomorrow sensor will display the fractions collected tomorrow. Default is 0.

Date format


If you want to adjust the way the date is presented. You can do it using the dateformat option. All python strftime options should work. Default is '%d-%m-%Y', which will result in per example:


If you wish to remove the year and the dashes and want to show the name of the month abbreviated, you would provide '%d %b'. Which will result in:

21 Sep

Date only

dateonly: 1

If you don't want to add dayname, tomorrow or today in front of date activate this option. Default is 0.


name: 'your custom name'

If you want a custom name to be added to the sensor name. By default, no name is added. This is especially useful when you configure more than one sensor using this platform.

Name prefix

nameprefix: 0

If you don't want to add the waste collecoctors name to the sensor name. Default is 1.

Built in icons

builtinicons: 1

If you don't want to use the icons from your waste collector you can use the built in icons. Default is 0. For now only these fractions are supported:

  • gft
  • gftgratis
  • glas
  • papier
  • pmd
  • pbd
  • restafval

Disable the use of entity_picture

disableicons: 1

If you want to assign MDI icons (in your customize section) to these sensors, you'll need to set this option to 1.


dutch: 1

If you want to display the names of the days in dutch. Default is 0.

Custom updater

You can use the custom updater with this sensor

Home assistant 88 and higher:

    - components
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