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Sequel Web App

This is an official web client for Sequel (currently in Beta).

The client is available at

If you prefer using Gemini, please visit gemini://

About Sequel

Sequel is a social platform where everything is fun and fictional. It enables you to be imaginative and express your playful self through sharing creative content beyond the limits of reality.

Sequel integrates with Fediverse using ActivityPub.

See the official site for more details.


For updates and support, follow us on social media:


Sequel App requires Node.js.

To build Sequel App for production, first install dependencies:

npm --production install

Then build:

npm run build

Then run:

PORT=3005 node server.js


To build a Docker image for production:

docker build -f build/docker/app/Dockerfile .
docker run -d -p 3005:3005 [your-image]

Now Sequel App is running at localhost:3005.


For a changelog, see the GitHub releases.


Sequel App is based on Pinafore, an awesome alternative client for Mastodon, developed by Nolan Lawson.

Even though Sequel and Mastodon are very different platforms, the team decided to use Pinafore's backbone framework for building modern web apps, because:

  • it's based on Svelte, the framework that we wanted to use,
  • we share similar views on application design principles, and
  • simply because Pinafore is a great piece of engineering, written with love

What's changed from Pinafore

  • Upgraded from Svelte 2 to Svelte 3
  • Borrowed Pinafore code on as-needed basis, but ended up with 80-90% of supporting libraries
  • Tried switching to Rollup, but ended up with reverting to Webpack. Simply because Flow libraries back then weren't compatible with Rollup
  • Switched from Mastodon domain model to Sequel
  • Reworked all platform specific screens
  • Added Sequel specific features
  • Haven't yet moved any tests over (WIP)