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+# Emacs starter kit
+This is my .emacs.d setup to work with the emacs-starter-kit (
+## Installation
+You'll need Emacs 24, which comes with package.el. It's not hard to
+compile [from source](, but
+precompiled versions are readily available for
+[Debian-based systems](,
+[Mac OS X](, and
+* Install Emacs 24 and checkout this repository into ~/.emacs.d (make sure you have no ~/.emacs file).
+* Copy a user specific config file to your username (e.g. cp pip.el bobb.el)
+* Same for the color-theme (e.g. cp color-theme-pip.el color-theme-bobb.el)
+* On first run, emacs should install all the required packages; this may take a while but should result in you being in a red on black coloured *scratch* buffer.

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