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Updated cache handling

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Thanks to TheKaneda for the tip
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pipwerks committed Feb 2, 2012
1 parent 9aa723c commit b4f9e4218047c9cc8c1e8056a9bfe57b26022949
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  1. +9 −11 SCORM/2004/SCORM_support/scorm_support.js
@@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
/*global RightClick, swfobject */
/* scorm_support.js, rewritten by Philip Hutchison, January 2012
version 1.20120202

@@ -18,7 +19,7 @@ var CONFIG = {},
setValueWasSuccessful = true,
CaptivateSWF, //Cache the reference to the SWF to avoid future lookups
@@ -48,24 +49,24 @@ logEvent = function (msg){

cmiCache(property, value)
isCached(property, value)
Caches CMI value to help prevent sending duplicate data to LMS.
Parameters: property (CMI property name), value (CMI value, normally a string)
Returns: property value if cached version found, false if not cached.
Returns: boolean indicating whether prop/value pair is in the CMI cache.

cmiCache = function(property, value){
isCached = function(property, value){

//Ensure we have a valid property to work with
if(typeof property === "undefined"){ return false; }

//Replace all periods in CMI property names so we don't run into JS errors
property = property.replace(/\./g,'_');

//If cached value exists, return it
if(typeof value_store[property] !== "undefined"){
return value_store[property];
//If prop/value pair is cached, return true
if(typeof value_store[property] !== "undefined" && value_store[property] === value){
return true;

//Otherwise add to cache
@@ -181,13 +182,10 @@ Captivate_DoExternalInterface = function (command, parameter, value, variable) {

if(parameter === "completion_status"){ courseStatus = value; }

//Check to see if value is already cached
var cached_value = cmiCache(parameter, value);

//Only send value to LMS if it hasn't already been sent;
//If value is cached and matches what is about to be sent
//to the LMS, prevent value from being sent a second time.
if(!cached_value || cached_value !== value){
if(!isCached(parameter, value)){

strErr = SCORM_API.SetValue(parameter, value);
setValueWasSuccessful = (strErr === "true");

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