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Adium Image Inliner

This is a small script, which allows you to view images right in Adium, without involving the browser. It just checks link you're clicking on and if it looks like an image to a script, it will display it inline. Click on it and you'll see original link.

You can always override that and open link in browser by holding any modifier key (Control, Command, Alt, Shift).

Supported services

Look here for a current list of services that work.

How to use

Clone a repo and run with your style name as parameter, i.e.:

./ minimal_mod

If you want to go manual road, it's not very hard (check contents of if you want):

  1. Find your style directory: it's either located in "/Applications/ Styles/YourStyle" or "~/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/Message Styles/YourStyle". You can check name of your style in Adium's Preferences -> Messages.

  2. Put a file inline-images.js in Contents/Resources subdir of your style.

  3. Edit a file Footer.html (create it if it doesn't exist) in Contents/Resources subdir to add this line:

<script type="text/javascript" src="inline-images.js"></script>

This is it! Restart Adium and it should work.

I might write a script automating that in future.

Adding a new service

File inline-images.js contains a variable named IMAGE_SERVICES. This is a list of objects, each defining a service. Those objects have two properties:

  1. test (Re | Str -> Whatever) - either a regexp, matching given link, or a function, which can perform custom matching (should return truthy value if this service supports this link).

  2. link ([Str] -> Str, optional) - a function, which takes a regexp matches from test (or its return value) and returns a link to image.

  3. createNode (Str -> Fn -> Node, optional) - a function which takes a link and a callback, and should call this callback with node to render. See sources for examples - Wikipedia, Twitter and Imgur's gifv in particular.

Add new service, send a pull request, and let the glory of inline images spread all over the world!