WebSockets and static web server for just one request
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WebSockets and static web server for just one request

This is a WebSocket and a static web server that gets clossed 5 second after the last connection was clossed. The delay is introduced to reuse previous instances. This is used on NodeOS to start to serve the users files and give them an interactive shell session from inside a secure environment instead of using a global web server.

Think of it as a web server started on demand from another web server as CGI to serve a particular subpath :-P


  • hostname: address from only accept connections. Default: any
  • port: port where to listen for connections. The used port will be printed on stdout. Default: random
  • timeout: seconds to wait before exiting the server for new incomming connections, if set to zero it doesn't exit. Default: 5 seconds
  • command: command to exec for interactive WebSocket sessions. If not set WebSocket server will be disabled

Any arguments after '--' will be passed as arguments array to the command used for WebSocket sessions.