Put WebAssembly in your washing machine
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Put WebAssembly in your washing machine

wasmachine is an implementation of the WebAssembly specification in a FPGA. It follows a sequential 6-steps design.

Currently it's in an initial state but is able to exec some basic commands.


  • Stack-based (calls, blocks and operands), variable-length CISC architecture following the WebAssembly spec design
  • Implemented an "expanded" version of the binary format
    • Inlined destination of blocks and branches labels
    • Decoded LEB128 targets for br_table
  • Strict type-checking on runtime
  • Optionally disable floating point, memory and 64 bits operations at instance time to generate a simpler core for smaller FPGAs


  • NodeJS Madrid (ad-hoc spontaneous keynote at end of the main one :-P)


  1. Implement integer mathematical operations
  2. Support for functions calling
  3. Add a 64 bits FPU for the floating point operations
  4. Memory-based operations
  5. Modules loader in RAM
  6. Replace usage of ROM for modules on RAM
  7. Accept call of functions from outside
  8. Use a pipelined design

External dependencies

They can be automatically upgraded executing

make update-dependencies


If you want to test all the modules at once with all the features enabled (the default build configuration), simply exec:

make test

You can also test the modules disabling some features using the parameters argument, that will be directly passed to the iverilog executable:

make test parameters='-Pcpu_tb.HAS_FPU=0 -Pcpu_tb.USE_64B=0'