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Usage: node cli.js [options] [command]


default                                                   sets a raspbian back to default configuration
rename <hostname>                                         changes Hostname
adapter <wirelessSSID> <password> <wirelessSecurityType>  [deprecated] connects a adapter to a wifi network
wifi <ESSID> [password]                                   connects to a wifi network
swifi <ip> <mask> <gateway> <dns>                      configures rpi wifi interface to a static ip address

ethernet <ip> <mask> <gateway> <dns>                      configures rpi network interface to a static ip address
expandfs                                                  expands the partition of the RPI image to the maximum of the SDcard
detectrpi                                                 detects the hardware version of a raspberry pi
*                                                         temporary catch all


-h, --help  output usage informatio)

Installation: So far this program assumes you can somehow manage to download nodejs 8 and also the npm packages commander and underscore, which are required for this program to run properly.

1. Install node 8
   > curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
   > sudo apt-get install -y nodejs
2. Clone this repo then cd into ip directory to install the npm packages
   > git clone
   > cd ip
3. Install npm packages called commander and underscore
   > sudo npm install

   or manually install each one    

   > sudo npm install commander
   > sudo npm install underscore
4. Figure out hostname of rpi. Output should print raspberrypi by default.
   > hostname
5. Test the program by changing hostname to ole.
   > sudo node cli.js rename ole
6. Output should be like:
   > pi@raspberrypi:~/ip $ cat /etc/hostname
   > ole

Additional Notes:

wifi - ESSID is the SSID or the network name of your wireless network and password is the password 
       for the corresponding network.

rename - The hostname is a label assigned to the RPI device for identification on a network and 
         is useful for communication amongst different devices. The default hostname is raspberrypi.

ethernet and swifi - before using these command, I checked that my network follows the ip range from 
            to To change my ip address to, I can 
                     issue the command below given that my router is found at and 
                     that it is also a dns server. Alternatively, you can use Google's dns server, 
                     which is or  
                       > ethernet