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▶️ Comment here to discuss the contribution roadmap: Official Roadmap Discussion.

If you feel like contributing a PR, some of these tasks are pretty easy. Feel free to open an issue if you need help getting started in any way!

Major upcoming changes:

  • finalize python packaging to allow installing via pip and importing individual componenets
  • add an optional web GUI for managing sources, adding new links, and viewing the archive

Minor upcoming changes:

  • download closed-captions text from youtube videos
  • body text extraction using fathom
  • auto-tagging based on important extracted words
  • audio & video archiving with youtube-dl
  • full-text indexing with elasticsearch/elasticlunr/ag
  • video closed-caption downloading on Youtube for full-text indexing of video content
  • automatic text summaries of article with nlp summarization library
  • featured image extraction
  • http support (from my https-only domain)
  • try wgetting dead sites from (
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