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CLI Usage

./archive refers to the executable shortcut in the root of the project, but you can also call ArchiveBox via ./bin/archivebox. If you add /path/to/ArchiveBox/bin to your shell $PATH then you can call archivebox from anywhere on your system.

Make sure to run ./setup or follow the Install instructions before archiving anything.

If you're using Docker, the CLI interface is similar but needs to be prefixed by docker-compose exec -T archivebox for examples see the Docker page.

Run ArchiveBox with configuration options

You can set environment variables in your shell profile, a config file, or by using the env command. See Configuration for more details.

env FETCH_MEDIA=True MEDIA_TIMEOUT=500 ./archive ...

Import a single URL or list of URLs via stdin

echo '' | ./archive
# or
cat urls_to_archive.txt | ./archive

Import links exported from browser or another service

./archive ~/Downloads/browser_bookmarks_export.html
# or
./archive ~/Downloads/pinboard_bookmarks.json
# or
./archive ~/Downloads/other_links.txt

Import URLs from a remote RSS feed or file

ArchiveBox will download the URL to a local file in output/sources/ and attempt to autodetect the format and import any URLs found. Currently, Netscape HTML, JSON, RSS, and plain text links lists are supported.

# or

Import links from browser history

./bin/archivebox-export-browser-history --chrome
./archive output/sources/chrome_history.json
# or
./bin/archivebox-export-browser-history --firefox
./archive output/sources/firefox_history.json

UI Usage

To access your archive, open output/index.html in a browser. You should see something like this.

You can sort by column, search using the box in the upper right, and see the total number of links at the bottom.

Click the Favicon under the "Files" column to go to the details page for each link.


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