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name: github
repo: pirati-web/piskoviste # Path to your Github repository
branch: gh-pages # Branch to update
media_folder: "static/media"
collections: # A list of collections the CMS should be able to edit
- name: "posts" # Used in routes, ie.: /admin/collections/:slug/edit
label: "články" # Used in the UI, ie.: "New Post"
folder: "_posts"
slug: "{{year}}-{{month}}-{{day}}-{{slug}}"
create: true # Allow users to create new documents in this collection
fields: # The fields each document in this collection have
- {label: "Layout", name: "layout", widget: "hidden", default: "blog"}
- {label: "Category", name: "category", widget: "hidden", default: "CLANKY"}
- {label: "Titulek", name: "title", widget: "string", tagname: "h1", required: true}
- {label: "Publikovano", name: "date", widget: "datetime", format: "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mma", required: true}
- {label: "Autor", name: "author", widget: "string", required: true}
- {label: "Plakatek", name: "image", widget: "image", required: false, tagname: ""}
- {label: "Obsah", name: "body", widget: "markdown", required: true}
- {label: "SEO Popisek", name: "description", widget: "text", required: true}
- {label: "SEO tagy", name: "tags", widget: "text", required: true}
card: {type: "image", image: "image", text: "title", required: true}