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Bramka PIRC / PIRC websocket IRC web interface
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Bramka PIRC / PIRC websocket IRC web interface

Please note that this software uses Polish language in all the messages and most comments. This is not very likely to change soon.

Kompletne rozwiązanie pozwalające na dostęp do IRC za pośrednictwem przeglądarki. Stworzone na potrzeby sieci PIRC w okolicach roku 2011 (autorzy: Tril, samu). W późniejszym czasie utrzymywane i ulepszane przez k4be. Do uruchomienia tej dystrybucji wymagany jest serwer www (używamy nginx) oraz interpreter PHP.

A complete solution allowing IRC access with a web browser. Created to fulfill the needs of PIRC (Polish IRC network) around year 2011 (authors: Tril, samu). Later maintained and upgraded by k4be. This distribution needs a web server (we use nginx) and a PHP interpreter.

This software contains components from other open source projects, for example:

Published on GitHub by k4be.

Feel free to use the software in the way that suits your needs, as long as you keep original contents of this file unchanged, and you notify the PIRC team (via #help on about all public installations of it.

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