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Pirl wallet dApp used in electron application.
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Oystr Wallet dApp

Official Wallet dApp for Pirl, Used within the electron wallet (Oystr)

Cloning Repository

git clone


Start a pirl node and the app using meteor and open http://localhost:3000 in your browser:

$ pirl --rpccorsdomain "http://localhost:3000" --rpc --unlock <your account>

Starting the wallet dapp using Meteor

$ cd Oystr-Wallet-dApp/app
$ meteor

Go to http://localhost:3000


To create a build version of your app run:

// install meteor-build-client
$ npm install -g meteor-build-client

// bundle dapp
$ cd Oystr-Wallet-dApp/app
$ meteor-build-client ../build --path ""

This will generate the files in the ../build folder. Double click the index.html to start the app. To make routing work properly you need to build it using:

$ meteor-build-client ../build

And start a local server which points with its document root into the ../build folder, so that you can open the app using http://localhost:80/


Being a open source project built for and ran by the pirl community contributions are welcome and encouraged, to contribute simply make a pull request and assign it to one of the core team and it will be reviewed as soon as we have the bandwith to do so.

Reporting Issues

When opening issues on GitHub please use the template located at .github/ this allows us to collect enough information to reproduce the issue and fix it in a timely manner.

Gas usage statistics

  • Deploy original wallet: 1 230 162
  • Deploy wallet stub: 184 280
  • Simple Wallet transaction: 64 280
  • Multisig Wallet transaction below daily limit: 79 280
  • Multisig Wallet transaction above daily limit: 171 096
  • 1 Multisig confirmation: 48 363