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EthereumRisen | ERC827 Token | documentation

Autonomic minteable token, POI - Proof of Invest

White Paper

. . . .


Next generation high-level qualities token;
Represents autonomous smart contract (ASC) concept;
ERC827 standard supported;
Managers system provide bounty interest for investors and open airdrop functional;
You are absolutely free in your actions, you can buy how much;
You can make an investment for as much, so much for you;
Any payments for this contract is as charitable help, not more, not less. Code provides as is.


Token name: Ethereum Risen
Ticker symbol: ETR
Decimal place: 18
Max supply: 1000 billions
Max supply for generation in sales: 10 billions
Creation supply: 150,000
Algorithm: Ethereum token on eip827 standard(full-supported eip20 standard)
Contract address: 0x6927C69fb4daf2043fbB1Cb7b86c5661416bea29
ICO/TGE: capitalization via sales programm read down
Price: 100K ETR by 1 ETH
Location: blockchain


Factory Funds:

  • Development prime cost: 100000 ETR
  • Bounty program: 50000 ETR
  • Airdrop program: 9.99 tokens * 10000 users = 99900 ETR

Distribution tokens structure: 150K ETR + 99.9K ETR + sales(~10 billions ETR) + POI interest

Sales program:

10000 ETR = 1 ETH (constant);      

Purchase more than 1 ETH counts by geometric progression, until total supply reaches 10 billions.

1 ETH = 10,000 ^ 1 = 10,000,         
2 ETH = 20,000 ^ 2 = 40,000,         
3 ETH = 30,000 ^ 3 = 90,000,           

Closed when total supply reaches 10 billions

! after reaches this value new tokens cant be sold via contract

POI program:

Percents profit table in percents by day (%/day)

periods day week month year
1st year 0,600% 0,750% 0,850% 1,000%
2nd year 0,300% 0,375% 0,425% 0,500%
3rd+ year 0,030% 0,038% 0,043% 0,050%

Count profit by this scheme.

Closed when total supply reaches 1000 billions + overflow this amount for investors which not close their deposits.

! after reaches this value new deposits cant be opened

Invest value must be between 1 thousand and 10 million

Managers program:

If in one transaction put to the contract 5 or more ethers, you get rights of manager

Manager privileges

  • can use airdrop function
  • get additionally plus 5% to the invest box full reward


Make mining alternative for tokens holders; Make economic research; Open the blockchain technology based business, start to make powerful products;


  • start sells
  • start bounty company I stage april-may'18
  • start bounty company II stage september'18
  • start airdrop company (if cap rise more then 5 ETH)
  • placing on exchanges (at first: hitbtc, livecoin, yobit, novaexchange, ...)


Bytecodes table provided codes for status of your invest

period bytecode
day 0x6461790000
week 0x7765656b00
month 0x6d6f6e7468
year 0x7965617200

Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ)

How I can get the ETR?

  • You mast send from your personal wallet some ethers and get incoming transaction with your tokens (only wallet private key you are the owner, if send direct from exchange you can lose your money)

What is ETR?

  • The Etherum Risen token (ETR) is an ERC20 Token based on Ethereum blockchain platform.

How to produce new tokens?

  • New tokens created via sales in smart contract and via invest box program, as interest

What is POI?

  • POI is a Proof Of Investment

What dose it means?

  • POI is invest box program, which is alternate of POS mining mechanism

How to make invest?

  • User must call in contract function "make Invest" and type in field value that you want put in Invest Box

How much investments I can made?

  • At the same time every user can made four invest, one for each type (daily, monthly,..)

What's happen if I call make invest and do not close it before?

  • Invest automatically closed, count your actual intrest and add new balance to the counted balance. Invest will be counted beginning with this time. should use it for gas economy

How to close invest?

  • User must call function "close Invest", and spend back invested tokens with interest (counted by the algorithm of compaund interest)

Where I can check the investment status?

  • Сall function "count ". If returns (0) - still no completed, more then (0) - can get reward, show how much times up.
  • For get information about your invest you also could use function "count Info", which need two parameters address of holder and "bytecode" from helper. Example from etherscan:

What rules of invest box program?

  • you must be a token holders;
  • interest counting only by whole period(-s);
  • you can close your invest any time, but you can lose interest if you withdraw before the end of the period;

What is ERC20 and why ERC827?