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install with bioconda

Bash script to download and update snapshots of the NCBI genomes (refseq/genbank) [1] keeping all files and detailed log for each update, with file integrity check (MD5) and parallel [2] download support.


  • genome_updater runs on a working directory (-o) and creates snapshots/versions (-b) of refseq/genbank genome repositories based on selected parameters: database (-d), organism group or species/taxids (-g), RefSeq category (-c), assembly level (-l), top assemblies (-j), GTDB [3] compatible (-z) and file type(s) (-f)
  • genome_updater can update the selected repository by executing the same command again. It will identify previous files and update the working directory with the most recent version, keeping track of changes and just downloading/removing updated files


conda install -c bioconda genome_updater 


git clone


  • genome_updater depends only on the GNU Core Utilities and additional tools (awk bc find join md5sum parallel sed tar xargs wget) which are commonly available in most distributions. If you are not sure if you have them all, just run and it will tell you if something is missing (otherwise the it will show the help page).
  • To test genome_updater basic functions, run the script tests/ It should print "All tests finished successfully" at the end.
  • Make sure you have access to the NCBI ftp folders: and
  • If you still run into issues it may be that some utilities are incompatible or outdated. Please open an issue ( describing the problem and the output of the command -D.

Simple example:

Downloading Archaeal complete genome sequences from RefSeq:

./ -g "archaea" -d "refseq" -l "Complete Genome" -f "genomic.fna.gz" -o "arc_refseq_cg" -t 12 -m

The same command executed again (some days later), will create a second snapshot of the requested dataset, checking for new, updated and removed sequences.

Main functionalities:

Data selection:

  • -g: selection of sequences by organism groups (-g "archaea,bacteria") or species (-g "species:562,623") or taxonomic id including all children nodes (-g "taxids:620,1643685")
  • -d: database selection (genbank and/or refseq)
  • -f: suffix of files to be downloaded for each entry [genomic.fna.gz,assembly_report.txt, ... - check for all file formats]
  • -l: filter by Assembly level [all, Complete Genome, Chromosome, Scaffold, Contig]
  • -c: filter by RefSeq Category [all, reference genome, representative genome, na]
  • -j: select top assemblies for species or taxids: (-j "species:3") to download the top 3 assemblies for each species selected or (-j "taxids:1") to download only the top assembly for each taxid selected.
  • -z: select only assemblies included in the latest GTDB release


  • -i: fixes current snapshot in case of network or any other failure during download
  • -k: dry-run - do not perform any download or update, but shows number of files to be downloaded or updated
  • -t: run many parallel downloads
  • -m: checks for file integrity (MD5)
  • -e: re-downloads entries from any "assembly_summary.txt" obtained from external sources. Easy way to share snapshots of exact database version used.
  • -a: downloads the current taxdump, matching downloaded files


  • -u: Added/Removed assembly accessions
  • -r: Added/Removed sequence accessions
  • -p: Output list of URLs for downloaded and failed files


Downloading genomic sequences (.fna files) for the Complete Genome sequences from RefSeq for Bacteria and Archaea and keep them updated

# Download (checking md5, 12 threads, with extended assembly accession report)
./ -d "refseq" -g "archaea,bacteria" -c "all" -l "Complete Genome" -f "genomic.fna.gz" -o "arc_bac_refseq_cg" -t 12 -u -m

# Downloading additional .gbff files for the current snapshot (adding genomic.gbff.gz to -f and adding -i command)
./ -d "refseq" -g "archaea,bacteria" -c "all" -l "Complete Genome" -f "genomic.fna.gz,genomic.gbff.gz" -o "arc_bac_refseq_cg" -t 12 -u -m -i

# Some days later, just check for updates but do not update
./ -d "refseq" -g "archaea,bacteria" -c "all" -l "Complete Genome" -f "genomic.fna.gz,genomic.gbff.gz" -o "arc_bac_refseq_cg" -k

# Perform update
./ -d "refseq" -g "archaea,bacteria" -c "all" -l "Complete Genome" -f "genomic.fna.gz,genomic.gbff.gz" -o "arc_bac_refseq_cg" -t 12 -u -m

Download all RNA Viruses (under the taxon Riboviria) on RefSeq

./ -d "refseq" -g "taxids:2559587" -f "genomic.fna.gz" -o "all_rna_virus" -t 12

Download one genome assembly for each bacterial species in genbank

./ -d "genbank" -g "bacteria" -f "genomic.fna.gz" -o "top1_bacteria_genbank" -t 12 -j "species:1"

Download all E. Coli assemblies available on GenBank and RefSeq with a named label (v1)

./ -d "genbank,refseq" -g "species:562" -f "genomic.fna.gz" -o "all_ecoli" -t 12 -b v1

Check amount of reference entries available for the set of Viral genomes on genbank

./ -d "genbank" -g "viral" -c "all" -l "all" -k

Download Fungi RefSeq assembly information and generate sequence reports and URLs

./ -d "refseq" -g "fungi" -c "all" -l "all" -f "assembly_report.txt" -o "fungi" -t 12 -r -p

Recovering fasta files from a previously obtained assembly_summary.txt

./ -e /my/path/assembly_summary.txt -f "genomic.fna.gz" -o "recovered_sequences" -b january_2018

Changing timeout and tries of the downloads (wget)

wget_tries=10 wget_timeout=600 ./ -g "fungi" -o fungi -t 12 -f "genomic.fna.gz,assembly_report.txt"

Top assemblies:

The top assemblies (-j) will be selected based on the species/taxid entries in the assembly_summary.txt and not for the taxids provided with -g "taxids:...". They are selected sorted by categories in the following order of importance:

A) RefSeq Category: 
	1) reference genome
	2) representative genome
	3) na
B) Assembly level:
	1) Complete genome
	2) Chromosome
	3) Scaffold
	4) Contig
C) Relation to type material:
	1) assembly from type material
	2) assembly from synonym type material
	3) assembly from pathotype material
	4) assembly designated as neotype
	5) assembly designated as reftype
	6) ICTV species exemplar
	7) ICTV additional isolate
D) Date:
	1) Most recent first

Extended reports:

assembly accessions

The parameter -u activates the output of a list of updated assembly accessions for the entries with all files (-f) successfully downloaded. The file updated_assembly_accession.txt has the following fields (tab separated):

Added [A] or Removed [R], assembly accession, url


A	GCF_000146045.2
A	GCF_000002515.2
R	GCF_000091025.4

sequence accessions

The parameter -r activates the output of a list of updated sequence accessions for the entries with all files (-f) successfully downloaded. It is only available when assembly_report.txt is one of the file types. The file updated_sequence_accession.txt has the following fields (tab separated):

Added [A] or Removed [R], assembly accession, genbank accession, refseq accession, sequence length, taxonomic id


A	GCA_000243255.1	CM001436.1	NZ_CM001436.1	3200946	937775
R	GCA_000275865.1	CM001555.1	NZ_CM001555.1	2475100	28892
  • genome_updater fixes the current version of the database before updating (or just fix with -i). In this step if some entry is fixed and the reports are active, all lines are going to be reported as Added.

URLs (and files)

The parameter -p activates the output of a list of failed and successfully downloaded urls to the files {timestamp}_url_downloaded.txt and {timestamp}_url_failed.txt (failed list will only be complete if command runs until the end, without errors or breaks).

To obtain a list of successfully downloaded files from this report (useful to get only new files after updating):

sed 's#.*/##' {timestamp}_url_list_downloaded.txt


find output_folder/version/files/ -type f


┌─┐┌─┐┌┐┌┌─┐┌┬┐┌─┐    ┬ ┬┌─┐┌┬┐┌─┐┌┬┐┌─┐┬─┐
│ ┬├┤ ││││ ││││├┤     │ │├─┘ ││├─┤ │ ├┤ ├┬┘
└─┘└─┘┘└┘└─┘┴ ┴└─┘────└─┘┴  ─┴┘┴ ┴ ┴ └─┘┴└─

 -g Organism group (one or more comma-separated entries) [archaea, bacteria, fungi, human (also contained in vertebrate_mammalian), invertebrate, metagenomes (genbank), other (synthetic genomes - only genbank), plant, protozoa, vertebrate_mammalian, vertebrate_other, viral (only refseq)]. Example: archaea,bacteria
    or Species level taxids (one or more comma-separated entries). Example: species:622,562
    or Any level taxids - lineage will be generated (one or more comma-separated entries). Example: taxids:620,649776

 -d Database [genbank, refseq]
	Default: refseq
 -c RefSeq Category [all, reference genome, representative genome, na]
	Default: all
 -l Assembly level [all, Complete Genome, Chromosome, Scaffold, Contig]
	Default: all
 -f File formats [genomic.fna.gz,assembly_report.txt, ...]
	check for all file formats
	Default: assembly_report.txt
 -j Number of top references for each species/taxids to download ["", species:INT, taxids:INT]. Example: "species:3". Selection is based on 1) RefSeq Category, 2) Assembly level, 3) Relation to type material and 4) Date (most recent first)
	Default: ""
 -z Keep only assemblies present on the latest GTDB release

 -k Dry-run, no data is downloaded or updated - just checks for available sequences and changes
 -i Fix failed downloads or any incomplete data from a previous run, keep current version
 -x Allow the deletion of extra files if some are found in the repository folder

 -u Report of updated assembly accessions (Added/Removed, assembly accession, url)
 -r Report of updated sequence accessions (Added/Removed, assembly accession, genbank accession, refseq accession, sequence length, taxid). Only available when file assembly_report.txt selected and successfully downloaded
 -p Output list of URLs for downloaded and failed files
 -a Download the current version of the Taxonomy database (taxdump.tar.gz)

 -o Working output directory 
	Default: ./tmp.XXXXXXXXXX
 -b Version label
	Default: current timestamp (YYYY-MM-DD_HH-MM-SS)
 -e External "assembly_summary.txt" file to recover data from 
	Default: ""
 -t Threads
	Default: 1

 -m Check MD5 for downloaded files
 -s Silent output
 -w Silent output with download progress (%) and download version at the end
 -n Conditional exit status. Exit Code = 1 if more than N files failed to download (integer for file number, float for percentage, 0 -> off)
	Default: 0

 -D Print print debug information and exit



[2] Tange (2011): GNU Parallel - The Command-Line Power Tool, ;login: The USENIX Magazine, February 2011:42-47.



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