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MetaMetaMerge: merge output from metagenomic taxonomic profiling and binning tools

Vitor C. Piro (

install with bioconda

This tool is part of the MetaMeta Pipeline ( but can also be used as a standalone tool.


MetaMetaMerge integrates profiling and binning tools. MetaMetaMerge accepts BioBoxes format directly ( or a .tsv file in the following format:

  • Profiling: rank, taxon name or taxid, abundance


genus   Methanospirillum        0.0029
genus   Thermus 0.0029
genus   568394      0.0029
species Arthrobacter sp. FB24   0.0835
species 195      0.0582
species Mycoplasma gallisepticum        0.0536
  • Binning: readid, taxon name or taxid, lenght of sequence assigned


M2|S1|R140      354     201
M2|S1|R142      195     201
M2|S1|R145      457425  201
M2|S1|R146      562     201
M2|S1|R147      1245471 201
M2|S1|R150      354     201

Database profiles:

Database profiles can be generated based on a list of accession codes and two scripts (acc2tab.bash and tab2count.bash):

cat accession_list.txt | xargs --max-procs=12 -I '{}' bash acc2tab.bash '{}' > output_tax
tab2count.bash output_tax > output_dbprofile


./ -i binning_out.tsv profile1.tsv profile2.out -d dbprofile1.out dbprofile2.out dbprofile3.out -t 'tool1,tool2,tool3' -c 'b,p,p' -n names.dmp -e nodes.dmp -m merged.dmp -o output_profile.out


    usage: [-h] -i [<input_files> [<input_files> ...]] -d
                            [<database_profiles> [<database_profiles> ...]] -t
                            <tool_identifier> -c <tool_method> -n <names_file> -e
                            <nodes_file> -m <merged_file> [-b <bins>]
                            [-r <cutoff>] [-f <mode>] [-s <ranks>] -o
                            <output_file> [-p <output_type>]
                            [--output-parsed-profiles] [--detailed] [--verbose]

    MetaMetaMerge by Vitor C. Piro (,

    optional arguments:
      -h, --help            show this help message and exit
      -i [<input_files> [<input_files> ...]], --input-files [<input_files> [<input_files> ...]]
                            Input (binning or profiling) files. Bioboxes or tsv
                            format (see README)
      -d [<database_profiles> [<database_profiles> ...]], --database-profiles [<database_profiles> [<database_profiles> ...]]
                            Database profiles on the same order of the input files
                            (see README)
      -t <tool_identifier>, --tool-identifier <tool_identifier>
                            Comma-separated identifiers on the same order of the
                            input files
      -c <tool_method>, --tool-method <tool_method>
                            Comma-separated methods on the same order of the input
                            files (p -> profiling / b -> binning)
      -n <names_file>, --names-file <names_file>
                            names.dmp from the NCBI Taxonomy database
      -e <nodes_file>, --nodes-file <nodes_file>
                            nodes.dmp from the NCBI Taxonomy database
      -m <merged_file>, --merged-file <merged_file>
                            merged.dmp from the NCBI Taxonomy database
      -b <bins>, --bins <bins>
                            Number of bins. Default: 4
      -r <cutoff>, --cutoff <cutoff>
                            Minimum abundance/Maximum results for each taxonomic
                            level (0: off / 0-1: minimum relative abundance / >=1:
                            maximum number of identifications). Default: 0.0001
      -f <mode>, --mode <mode>
                            Result mode (precise, very-precise, linear, sensitive,
                            very-sensitive, no-cutoff). Default: linear
      -s <ranks>, --ranks <ranks>
                            Comma-separated list of ranks to be independently
                            merged (superkingdom,phylum,class,order,family,genus,s
                            pecies,all). Default: species
      -o <output_file>, --output-file <output_file>
                            Output file
      -p <output_type>, --output-type <output_type>
                            Output type (tsv, bioboxes). Default: bioboxes
                            Output parsed and converted profiles for all input
                            files (without cutoff)
      --detailed            Generate an additional detailed output with individual
                            normalized abundances for each tool, where: 0 -> not
                            identified but present in the database, -1 not present
                            in the database.
      --verbose             Verbose output log
      -v, --version         show program's version number and exit
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