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The extension for automatic creation help-sheets with musical scales for a piano.

This project aims to help in learning musical scales. The simplest way to learn anything is to practise regularly. So, if we want to learn basic theory of building chords and progression, we need to learn musical scales and intervals by practising with them day by day.

I decided to create help-sheets with tabled schemes. First of all I want to prepare sheets with natural scales. After that it would be possible to understand how to build chords and chord progressions.

Inkscape is quite a nice tool to prepare such cards. Clear and self-evident way is to simply create a picture of a piano keyboard and place markers on proper keys. But it is very routine and boringly.

Much more convenient and simpler way would be creation the schemes automatically.

Further more, the automatically created schemes could be rearranged or customized in a desired way to prepare your own help-sheets.


The installation procedure is pretty straight forward.

  • Get the svgPianoScale.inx and the files and put them into the application data directory.
  • The correct directory is indicated in:
  • Edit -> Preferences -> System: User extensions

On Windows it can be manually found by entering this into a File Browser's address line:

  • %appdata%/inkscape/extensions


Windows users also can download and run the released installation binary Inkscape-music-scale-generator.exe