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A fork of TutorialZine's Cute File Browser
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Cute File Browser

This is a fork of TutorialZine CuteFileBrowser It was created to give full liberty over folder's path.

You can see it in action at and the files at

How to :

Upload all files wherever you want on your server let's assume it is in /opt/cfb. Assuming you want to display the folder /files.

  1. Move index.html next to /files but not into !


  2. path/to/folder in cfb/scan.php to /files

  3. cfb/styles.css in /files/index.html to /opt/cfb/styles.css

  4. cfb/script.js in /files/index.html to /opt/cfb/styles.css

Calling http://domain.ext/files will show the explorer.

Summary of the fork

  • Before : the folder had to be at the same level as scan.php (so you have to add scan.php and index.html to that folder). All file were shown (execpt files starting with a dot).
  • After : the folder can be anywhere on the server. Some files can be excluded.