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👋   Hi there, I'm Michele (pirroh) Catasta

👨‍💻   Head of Applied Research @ Google Labs (working on AI applied to Source Code, Large Language Models)

👨‍🏫   Former Research Scientist and Instructor in Machine Learning @ Stanford University

🔭   Expertise: AI4Code, Machine Learning, Data Science, Information Retrieval

🔗  [Personal page] - [CV] - [LinkedIn] - [Twitter] - [Google Scholar]

‼️   News

[H2 2022] Invited talks on AI meets Source Code: status quo and outlooks -- [video] and events: [EPFL], [Synapse AI Symposium], [Berkeley AI Summit] & more!

[Apr 2022] PaLM: Scaling Language Modeling with Pathways has just been unveiled -- I worked on PaLM-Coder!    [paper] - [blog post]

[Mar 2021] Language-Agnostic Representation Learning of Source Code from Structure and Context (AKA Code Transformer) accepted at ICLR 2021!    [paper] - [demo] - [code]

[Sep 2020] Open Graph Benchmark: Datasets for Machine Learning on Graphs accepted at NeurIPS 2020 as a spotlight paper!    [paper] - [website] - [code]

🔦   Highlights

🎓   Education

👨‍💻   Experience

  • Head of Applied Research at X, the moonshot factory (formerly Google[x])
    • Worked on AI applied to Source Code, Large Language Models (including PaLM-Coder!)
  • Research Scientist at Stanford University and at EPFL
    • Contributed to several projects (funded by IARPA, DARPA, Samsung, Google, Amazon, ...) with a focus on Machine Learning (GNNs, Transformers, Open Graph Benchmark, etc.), Recommender Systems, Crowdsourcing, and Data Science.
  • Intern at MIT Media Lab (w/ Prof. Alex 'Sandy' Pentland), Yahoo Research (w/ Prof. Ricardo Baeza-Yates), and Google.
  • Co-founder of, the largest Semantic Web Search Engine (back in the days). The core technologies developed for Sindice evolved into:
    • a top-level Apache project, Any23
    • several contributions to Hadoop, Lucene and Solr
    • Siren, an investigative intelligence platform which secured $15M+ in funding -- kudos to my amazing ex-colleagues 👍

👨‍🏫   Teaching


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