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Shrinkwrap for component build system.
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Shrinkwrap for component build system. Similar to npm shrinkwrap. Saves and recreates your components directory. Keeps list of components and their versions in component-shrinkwrap.json

This version only supports component 0.x. Source code for component shrinkwrap compatible with component 1.x is located in component-js/shrinkwrap


npm install -g component component-shrinkwrap


To save component-shrinkwrap.json file

component shrinkwrap --save

To install components references in the shrinkwrap file

component shrinkwrap --install

When no options are passed, component shrinkwrap assumes --save if components directory exists, and --install if it doesn't.

Other options


If check is enabled we will verify if packages can be re-installed reliably and warn if problems are found

There are 2 kinds of problems that are detected if you use this option:

  • version in component.json file is not the same as tagged version: warning is printed but shrinkwrap will still generate unchanged component-shrinkwrap.json

  • version in component.json is not tagged at all: it is reset to '*' in the shrinkwrap file which causes master to be installed

In both cases the best course of action is to notify the component owner and ask for the component to be properly tagged.


If you used component-shrinkwrap before 0.6 version you may have an older format of the component-shrinkwrap.json file in your version control system. Use --long option to preserve it.

New (short) format uses a single dependencies object with component names as keys and component versions as value. This is the same format that is used in package.json and component.json.

Older (long) format keeps information as a list of objects with name and version properties.

Both formats are supported and automatically detected during --install - this option is only needed for --save phase.