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This is the new networking layer for Node. Its purpose is to abstract
IOCP on windows and libev on Unix systems. We intend to eventually contain
all platform differences in this library.
(This was previously called liboio)
## Supported Platforms
Microsoft Windows operating systems since Windows XP sp2. It can be built
with either Visual Studio or MinGW.
Linux 2.6 and MacOS using the GCC toolchain.
Solaris 121 and later using GCC toolchain.
## Design
The goal of this library is to provide high-concurrency high-performance I/O
on all operating systems. This is a large undertaking. Some of the API
decisions may seem arbitrary but are actually borne out of various specific
platform issues.
## uv_read_start(), uv_read_stop()
Originally we wanted to provide a asynchronous read function that was
similar to WSARecv().
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