A Design Fiction Exercise on Digital Death
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EOL-Script: A Design Fiction Exercise on Digital Death

I wrote this Python script --- which is non-functional, really --- as an exercise on thinking about what happens to our digital selves when we die.

This was the result of an activity early in the Bits+Blocks colab put together by IDEO Futures in Cambridge, in May 2015. To explore issues of identity and memory, we were tasked with writing the digital version of our last will and testament. After visiting a chapel and a cemetery for inspiration, we sat down and wrote different interpretations of what death meant in the digital world.

This is my version of algorithmic death, a fictional script that runs through your digital posessions and dispenses them according to your will, as inscripted in the code. No need for lawyers or any additional validation, the script could conceivably be triggered automatically and all its decisions would be final.