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Besides usual fixes, and performance improvements, we now have:
* Javascript-less initialization!
* Support for gyroscope (where available).
* New event for animation to frame and stop.
* HTML5 responsiveness.
* On-demand initialization option.
* Improved touch detection.
* Data values substitutions for URLs.
* More convenient events interface.
* Multi-row locks.
* ...and that still isn't all!

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jQuery Reel 1.3

Reel is an established and the most versatile three-sixty player for jQuery. Teaches your ordinary image tag some new tricks turning it into a gorgeous interactive 360° object movie, panorama or stop-motion animation. Reel is used on hundreds of websites around the globe by big ones like Nikon, BMW, Adidas, Blackberry or The New York Times, government agencies, non-profits, businesses and individuals to embrace their visitors and enrich their user experience. Reel is the premier alternative to Flash, Java, Quicktime and alike.

  • Modes covering beyond usual 360° span.
  • Animated rotation and inertial motion.
  • In-scene annotations (hotspots) in sync with frames.
  • Intuitive operation. Supports both mouse and touch.
  • NEW Javascript-free initialization. Oh yes!
  • 50+ options for full customization.
  • Apple, Blackberry and Android mobile devices supported.
  • NEW Gyroscope support.
  • Browser and operating system agnostic. Flash-free. It's just an image...
  • Loves your existing CSS. NEW Responsive
  • Transparent, documented, eventful & well-tested tiny code base.
  • NEW AMD and CommonJS compatible.
  • Tools for Drupal, Joomla, Dreamweaver, Poser or Python by the loving community!


View a demonstration on plugin home page or our many examples.

How To?

As easy as adding few special attributes to your HTML image tag:

    <img src="my_server/image.jpg" width="200" height="100" id="my_image"

The above will be turned into default interactive Reel with 36 frames loaded from my_server/image-01.jpg through image-36.jpg Use options to customize.


  • Available for all personal or commercial projects for free under the MIT License.
  • Use for free and enjoy! Appreciations are warmly welcome:

Click here to lend your support to: Reel and make a donation at !



Link the CDN


For options head to plugin options on-line reference or view the entire open-source code explained, where all available methods, events and data keys are explained in detail. The documentation is embedded into the source code and you also find a copy in the docs/ folder.