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Hello there, I revisited the script after a few weeks I found my self troubled by the fact that the panorama (stitched) doesn't loop anymore, including the example on your website.

Here's a test:

Uppon reaching the far right end of the image, the script will jump again to the 1st frame instead of contuining (looping / stitching) the image. The same occurs if you scroll to the left end, which brings you again the last frame.

Let me know :)
Best regards,
Elissaios Koumridis.


As an addition, 1.0.3 works with looping but 1.0.4 doesn't.

pisi commented Apr 23, 2010

Wow, a serious bug. Will fix it right away.

pisi commented Apr 24, 2010

The issue has been fixed.

It loops just fine on the site, however also an automated test for this issue has been added to Reel Test Suite: (Issues › GH-6)

Grab the newest master and you'll be just fine. Please test it out and let me know.

Also thank you for your donation!

pisi commented Apr 30, 2010

OK, closing.

This issue was closed.
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