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Requested two or three times and one that will be quite helpful for frame-based fine-tuning graphical representations of features inside the instance - heck, even hotspots would be then viable using CSS only in 1.1.3 with it.

I think about a regular expression search & destroy (I mean replace ;) exposing frame as class names like frame-13 on the .jquery-reel-overlay outter-most DOM wrapper, so that everything inside (including indicators) can be adjusted with CSS.

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The entire instance is now tagged with a `frame-XY` class name, where…
… XY stands for the actual frame number (e.g. `frame-8`). #69

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Moving the annotations "stuff" into its own handlers in `on.instance[…
…'setup.annotations']` and ..`'frameChange.annotations'`.. and especially removing the positioning rule in favor fo direct position manipulation once again (its measured performance is just better) #36 Also class frame-X instead of being applied to the outter most instance wrapper is now applied to the annotations wrapper node. The former solution has been measured to be more expensive in performance #69

pisi added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 30, 2011

1.2 ALPHA is out!
Just missing annotations examples - the'll be in the beta.


* Non-`wheelable` Reels now allow scrolling of the page when wheeling above the Reel instance.
* New option `attr` allows to set custom attributes of the IMG tag (useful for re-using DOM nodes).
* Instances being re-instantiated now perform automatic teardown (GH-62).
* Proper image preload events unbinding on teardown (GH-64).
* Option `scrollable` can disable page scrolling (if needed) on touch devices.
* New event `"openingDone"` now announces the end of opening animation (GH-65).
* Internal event `slide` renamed to `pan` (GH-51).
* Actual frame number is manifested with a wrapper class name, e.g. `frame-8` (GH-69).
* Improved order of preloaded images gradually increasing fidelity of the image, thus the name `"fidelity"` and this mode is now default. The former order is designated `"linear". Preloading mode is chosen by new `preload` option accepting a mode name. (GH-10).
* Deprecated options `hotspot`, `tooltip` and `reversed` have been removed.
* Bare click on left/right half of the image steps the Reel one frame forward/back. Set `steppable` to false to disable. Comes with `"stepLeft"` and `"stepRight"` events (GH-20).
* Custom text/graphics can augment the frames using the brand new `annotations` feature (GH-36).
* New complementary `.unreel()` function to revert effects of `.reel()` on the DOM.
* Control event `play` now accepts optional `speed` parameter.
* Mouse cursor is now customizable with the new `cursor` option. The new failsafe cursor is now `"move"`.

pisi added a commit that referenced this issue Jul 16, 2012

Reel 1.2

Lovely new features:
* in-picture annotations
* new image preloading method
* frame by frame stepping
* new data change model
* full documentation
* jQuery 1.5+

New options:
* `annotations`, `attr`, `cursor`, `steppable`, improved `images`

New events:
* `stepLeft`, `stepRight`, `openingDone`, improved `play`

New methods:
* `.unreel()`, improved `.reel()`

Includes fixes for issues #10, #20, #36, #51, #62, #64, #65, #69, #103, #110, #111, #113, #115, #117, #122, #124, #125, #126

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