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For mine and yours convenience I established a Content Delivery Network (CDN) host for purpose of serving Reel script globally from a cloud. It sits on my personal Google App Engine account, is lightning fast and has claimed 99.95% uptime. It is now hot-linked by many major websites including Reel’s own website.

I encourage you to take full advantage of this capacity. Simply hot-link Reel in your project directly to the CDN address. The more sites will use Reel this way, the faster all of them will start as one project will already have necessary files cached locally from last visit to any other site using the same CDN. And your server will have a little bit more time to serve the image sprites.

Responses are Etaged and gziped to utilize browser’s cache and minimize download time.

Note: For HTTPS support, refer to thread #249 for a different CDN.


Like the recommended power-charged option for example:

Optional {-VERSION}

By default (when no option is specified) the very latest stable version is served. You can request certain specific version of Reel by inserting a dash followed by a version tag. You will then be served with latest patch of that version.

  • 1.3
    serves latest stable version 1.3.0
  • 1.1
    serves legacy version 1.1.4
  • edge
    serves the bleeding edge version

Optional {-FLAVOR}

By default Reel source is served minified. There are two more flavors you can request by inserting a dash followed by a flavor tag

  • bundle
    the power-charged option [recommended]. It is minified and bundled together with an optional plugin (also minified) that makes Reel much better – jQuery.mouseWheel 3.0.6 – with permissions.
  • devel
    targeted to all developers out there. This one is properly formatted with comments within the code to debug, study or transparently develop.


The Whole Menu

Besides the scripts, the CDN serves bunch of other (sometimes optional) files such as licenses, cursors and other image resources such as fan badges for your site. Following lists shows all that is served in all its glory here.


Image Resources


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