Assets 2


  • #541 Crop tool: select an area and use the CROP transform tool to resize sprites on the fly
  • #271 New piskel button for offline applications: it was difficult to work on several sprites at the same time for offline apps users. A '+' button was added to open a new piskel window.
  • #663 Palettes now switch to a tiny mode if they contain more than 10 colors
  • #636 The grid can now be drawn (with custom colors) instead of being transparent
  • #636 Also reworked the general settings panel to introduce tabs, and group together relevant options
  • #699 SPACE is now available as a KEY when customizing keyboard shortcuts
  • #658 Move the viewport using SHIFT+ARROW keys

Bug Fixes & improvements

  • #682 thanks to @smiegrin : the line tool is now much faster when using big pen sizes
  • #697 confirmation message when leaving Piskel with unsaved changes is (hopefully) less confusing
  • #704 default window height for offline apps has been increased to display all the UI correctly
  • SHIFT + CLICK on UP/DOWN for a layer moves the layer to the top/bottom of the layer stack
  • new layers are added just before the selected layer. Before, new layers were always set in the first slot.
  • (v0.12.1) #717 fix an app-breaking bug with color palettes


  • more integration tests, so less bugs in the future!
  • goodbye jslint+jscs, welcome eslint!

Check the full changelist at : juliandescottes/piskel@v0.11.1...v0.12.1