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ClayGL is a WebGL graphic library for building scalable Web3D applications.

It's easy to use, configurable for high-quality graphics. Benefit from the modularity and tree shaking, it can be scaled down to 22k(gzipped) for a basic 3D application.





ECharts GL

Clay Viewer

DOTA2 Hero Viewer

Paper Cut Art Generator

Little Big City

Quick Start

Create a rotating cube
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
  <script src="lib/claygl.js"></script>
  <canvas id="main"></canvas>
    clay.application.create('#main', {

      width: window.innerWidth,
      height: window.innerHeight,

      init(app) {
        // Create camera
        this._camera = app.createCamera([0, 2, 5], [0, 0, 0]);

        // Create a RED cube
        this._cube = app.createCube({
            color: '#f00'

        // Create light
        this._mainLight = app.createDirectionalLight([-1, -1, -1]);
      loop(app) {
        this._cube.rotation.rotateY(app.frameTime / 1000);

Minimum bundle example

This example is about 22k(gzipped) after bundled by webpack 4.0. It draws a triangle on the screen.

import { Renderer, GeometryBase, Shader, Material } from 'claygl';

const vsCode = `
attribute vec3 position: POSITION;
void main() {
    gl_Position = vec4(position, 1.0);
const fsCode = `
void main() {
    gl_FragColor = vec4(0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 1.0);

const renderer = new Renderer({
    canvas: document.getElementById('main')
renderer.resize(400, 400);

const geometry = new GeometryBase();
geometry.createAttribute('position', 'float', 3);
// Add triangle vertices to position attribute.
    [-0.5, -0.5, 0],
    [0.5, -0.5, 0],
    [0, 0.5, 0]

const material = new Material({
    shader: new Shader(vsCode, fsCode)
renderer.renderPass([ { geometry, material } ]);

FBX to glTF2.0 Converter

Get it

Needs python3.3 and FBX SDK 2018.1.1.

usage: [-h] [-e EXCLUDE] [-t TIMERANGE] [-o OUTPUT]
          [-f FRAMERATE] [-p POSE] [-q] [-b]

FBX to glTF converter

positional arguments:

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -e EXCLUDE, --exclude EXCLUDE
            Data excluded. Can be: scene,animation
  -t TIMERANGE, --timerange TIMERANGE
            Export animation time, in format
  -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
            Ouput glTF file path
  -f FRAMERATE, --framerate FRAMERATE
            Animation frame per second
  -p POSE, --pose POSE  Start pose time
  -q, --quantize        Quantize accessors with WEB3D_quantized_attributes
  -b, --binary          Export glTF-binary
  --beautify            Beautify json output.
  --noflipv             If not flip v in texcoord.


  • FBX
  • OBJ


  • Scene hierarchy
  • Mesh and camera
  • PBR material
  • Texture
  • Skin
  • Animation