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Generate API Key

Go to your user Settings page on your pod. At the bottom will be a link to generate an API key. Click it to generate the key. You can regenerate the key any time.


All API endpoints accept and return only JSON, and are at /fapi/v0. For example, the /foobar endpoint on would be at Your API key is required as a parameter on every request. It can be provided in the GET parameters (e.g. /fapi/v0/some-endpoint.json?token=abcdef1234567890), or in the POST data.

Why fapi? F stands for fun, F stands for fake. I'm just putting this out there for us to play with until some experts make a real API, with OAuth, high security, standards support, and impressive-sounding things like that.

With curl

curl -d "text=test post sent at $(date)" '' -v
curl '' -d 'text=yo' -d 'aspect_ids[]=14' -d 'aspect_ids[]=13'

With rest-client CLI

% gem install rest-client
% restclient ''                                                      
ree-1.8.7-2011.03 :001 > post '/posts.json', 'token' => '6b2af2347ce324e822a396c77c72c215', 'text' => "#test post\n\nSent at #{}"

With rest-client in Ruby

# gem install rest-client
require 'rest_client' '', 'token' => '398959b90097bf61e33f064592cf27bc', 'text' => 'Test post.'

API Endpoints

GET /aspects

Returns your aspects.

GET /contacts

Returns your contacts, with embedded person objects.

GET /notifications

Returns up to 32 of your most recent unread notifications.

POST /posts

Posts a public message authored by you.


  • text: The text of the post. May include newlines, and Markdown.
  • aspect_ids (optional): An array of aspect ID numbers (integers). If omitted, the post will be public.

API Limits

  • Requests are throttled: Requests cannot be made faster than once every 5 seconds.
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