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, #49, #50
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+This is an (incomplete) list of people who have contributed to the
+codebase which lives in this repository.
+If you make a contribution here, you may add your name and, optionally,
+email address in the appropriate place.
+The list is sorted aproximately by the time of the first
+contribution, so please add your name at the end of the list.
+Octavian Costache <vivi at hartapoliticii dot ro>
+Tiberiu C. Turbureanu <tct at ceata dot org>
+Cornel Ghiban <ungreen at gmail dot com>
+Dacian Basarab <dacian.basarab at gmail dot com>
+Alex Morega <alex at grep dot ro>
+Andrei Cristian Petcu <andreicristianpetcu at gmail dot com>
+Gabriel Ivănică <gabriel.ivanica at gmail dot com>
+Florin Stancu <niflostancu at gmail dot com>
+Vlad Dracul <vld666 at gmail dot com>
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