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Raidenooh is a decentralized digital signage platform that going to tackle a problem in tradition advertisement industry which is a long and complex process. The new blockchain based system will be a breakthough to the industry, advertiser can post an ad directly to the publisher reduce a time-to-publish from 30 days to 3 minutes where the payment is instant and don't require any intermediary.

System Overview


The application will need Raiden for micro-payment functionality, please ensure Raiden node is up and running and a channel is still open between parties.

configuration : [
      name: 'starbuck',
      raiden_host : '',
      address : '0xBdCC4678904D728A7394aabC7eeC76A3578eA4B2'
      name: 'thebridge',
      raiden_host : '',
      address : '0x6ff879Fc4a3799C428B98bfD1Aec053C08EddF63'

You may need to deploy solidity smart contracts and then amend in 'eth.service.ts' then run

npm install
npm start

Getting started

It will be no form to input the data in web application since we think it is unnecessary and need to take a lot of time to pursue. The only way to input the data into the system is by using Remix IDE, the example data is following

// example data for publisher
// 0x6ff879Fc4a3799C428B98bfD1Aec053C08EddF63,"the bridge SG"

// example data for screen
// 1,"Office Lobby","secret",10000000000000000,10
// 1,"Lift to Car Park","secret",10000000000000000,10
// 1,"Retail Drop-Off","secret",10000000000000000,10

// example data for ad
// "0xBdCC4678904D728A7394aabC7eeC76A3578eA4B2","cupcake promotion",""
// "0xBdCC4678904D728A7394aabC7eeC76A3578eA4B2","avenger x",""
// "0xBdCC4678904D728A7394aabC7eeC76A3578eA4B2","iphone xx",""

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